55 Ideas of decoration with birdcages

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You never thought that some objects suddenly become decor elements and are not used for their intended purpose, and their practical application fades into the background.The birdcageis one of the most relevant examples, they were increasingly used in decoration and were loved not only by feathered fans, but also by fans of old things and original decor.

Over the past few years, the desire to buy an old cage on the flea market has swept into Europe and to use it in the decor of the interior or garden. Therefore, today we will show how to use the birdcage. All that you will see is simply to do it yourself, difficulties will arise only when searching for a suitable cell, but if somewhere in the closet you already have one, then you are lucky!

You can paint them, hang them from the ceiling, attach them to the wall, or they can be used as a chandelier, candlestick, vase, decorative mirror, or even a shelf for various small things.

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Beautiful, isn't it? The cage contributes to the interior a certain ease of flight, which will allow to refresh any interior. The best cells that can be used in the decoration, I think cells with a wooden frame. They are quite rare and difficult to find, but the time spent searching for will more than pay off your impressions.

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