50 shades of red and other makeup trends of autumn 2018

That ended the warm summer, it's time to get the autumn things and go into the mode "Pleasant melancholia." And of course, it's time to change the summer make-up for. Moreover, there is where to roam and what to take note of fashion shows. We look and inspire images!

Careless Arrows

Especially for those who still have not learned how to draw perfectly smooth and clear lines of arrows, makeup artists decided to meet each other and set the fashion for careless, lazy arrows. It seems that they were drawn by a five-year-old girl who pulled kaial or a pencil from her mother's cosmetic bag and painted models beyond recognition. This is the whole trick! Now you don’t have to be shy and make excuses that your shooters are sloppy and a little gone - the makeup artists have allowed! By the way, the trend is not only strict black, but also colored arrows (burgundy, yellow, blue, red, pink, orange, green), which will look perfect in the image for some party.

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