5 ways to warm up

You will need
  • Tea, honey, lemon, ginger / cardamom / cloves / cinnamon / nutmeg.
  • Milk, black pepper oil.
  • Woolen clothes, decor / accessories / clothes in red.
Drink tea - enjoy it!
Indeed, a cup of hot, aromatic tea will help to warm up in any frost. Add to the drink honey, lemon or some spices.
Suitable: ginger, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. It is these exciting sweet spices that have the greatest warming effect, and they are also very tasty. And what a scent!
Even just sweet tea can help the body feel a surge of heat - sugar prolongs the warming effect due to carbohydrates, which are saturated with blood.
Steam bones do not ache.
Water at a temperature of at least 38 degrees will help to warm up, but if you add 5 drops of black pepper oil to the water and half a glass of milk, you can increase the heating effect three to four times.
The effect of warming essential oils helps to keep warm for a long time and restores normal temperature balance.
Warm baths are not only of practical importance, but also serve as a good antidepressant. During the morning bath the body departs from sleep, during the vespers - is preparing for it.
Take care of your nose in the big frost.
To warm with wool things is the most sensitive to cold parts of the body - a kind of dead ends, hard for blood flow: hands, feet, ears and nose. And if socks and a scarf will have a cheerful drawing, then besides the temperature you will increase your mood and mood!
Wool is one of the warmest materials because wool has a remarkable property - the scaly structure of the surface of the fibers. It is difficult for moisture to sneak between scales, just as it is difficult to sneak under the roof tile of a house. But the air easily makes its way into the space between the villi and creates an additional obstacle to the heat that leaves the body.
Every man to his own taste.
Blanket, heater is not enough? You can warm up ... eyes! The king of visual warming Red. Scarlet pillows, fiery curtains or a bright red vase on the table create the appearance of heat flares.
Choose clothes of “hot” shades: the color, of course, does not warm, but creates the illusion of warmth.
Psychologists say that if a person dresses in red, orange or yellow colors, he will feel psychological and in the meantime physiological warmth.
Vzpas air not breathe.
Try to breathe slowly. The technique is simple: you need to slowly draw air into your lungs and in 5 stages breathe it out quickly. This technique calms the nervous system and the body is easier to adapt to the cold: in a minute it will become hot.
When measured breathing does not help, it is worth trying to inhale with two nostrils, and exhale through one, clamping the second. Yogis call it Pranaya - a good way to warm up in winter.

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