5 tips on how to look trendy in summer

Summer - it's time to stand out, be stylish and bright. And to look fashionable, you need to follow all five tips!

Tip One: Style

Firstly, the style must be present, and this means that it is necessary to choose clothing and make kits carefully, so that the image looks actual and harmonious. And in 2018 the following directions are in trend:

  • Military. But this is not a soldier's uniform, but characteristic tones and details, skillfully entered by designers into absolutely female things: dresses, handbags, skirts, and so on. And it all looks incredibly sexy.
  • Retro style of the 80s and such characteristic features as wide shoulders, sleeves-lanterns, sequins, flared trousers, high waist, cell and floral print.
  • Patchwork - an interesting and original style, including simple geometric prints, numerous patchwork inserts, raw edges, fringe, combinations of bright and sometimes incompatible tones, mosaic patterns, knit elements, layering, complex and asymmetrical styles.
  • Cruise style is just perfect for summer: flowing fabrics, loose, slightly fitted silhouettes, open back, lace, nautical theme.

Council of the second: actual styles

In the summer of 2018, slightly fitted, but free silhouettes are relevant. The waist can be emphasized, and this makes any image more feminine. But at the same time, clothing should not restrain movement and prevent you from enjoying the warm season. And it is better to refuse fitting things: they look vulgar and rarely relevant.

As for the length, the choice is practically unlimited and depends only on your courage and features of the figure. Remember that the image should not be vulgar, and the flaws should be hidden.

Tip! In the fashion of complex things asymmetrical cut with interesting details: open shoulders or back, cuts.

The third tip: colors and prints

In the summer you can and should stand out, allow yourself to be bright, to attract views. So feel free to choose juicy shades: mint, orange, mustard, green, coral. But we should not forget about pastel colors, and they are pale pink, light yellow, soft blue, peach, beige. In trend fresh white and luxurious black.Relevant and rich noble colors: burgundy, chocolate, dark blue. Also in fashion metallic. By the way, the tone can be combined in different ways, creating contrasts or a monochrome gamut.

To look fashionable, complement the image with patterns: classic stripes and a cage, sweet peas, inscriptions (no more than one), photo prints, abstraction, complex geometry, floral and floral motifs.

For your information! Patterns can not only be applied with paint, but also have the appearance of embroidery, appliqués.

Tip Four: Accessories

Neither a girl nor a woman should forget about accessories that complete and complete the image, and make life easier. And in the summer you can and even need to wear sun-protecting hats, especially feminine broad-brimmed hats. Sunglasses are obligatory in the hot season, and there is no need to look for a middle ground: the frame must be either extremely large or small.

The bag can be a bright accent, so, firstly, choose interesting models, and secondly, give preference to rich tones, which, by the way, do not need to be combined with the color of clothes or shoes. And the strap will emphasize your waist.

Tip! In summer, jewelry is more than appropriate, and long earrings and stylish pendants with chains are in trend.

Tip Five: Makeup

Several trends for summer makeup 2018:

  • Elegant perfect arrows. Practice creating them!
  • Brown smoky-eyes.
  • Wide expressive eyebrows of natural shades.
  • Sunny shades: orange, golden, yellow.
  • Saturated and catchy shades of lipstick: wine, chocolate, black, purple, eggplant, cherry and even blue.
  • Naturalness that fits perfectly into a casual discreet make-up.
  • Shades of pink, with both romantic and gentle, and bright, rich.
  • Juicy and bright shades of shadows. But they are not always appropriate and are far from being for everyone.
  • No flaws. Aim for a healthy, beautiful, well-groomed and almost perfect skin.

These were 5 tips to help you be stylish and trendy this summer!

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