5 signs that your bra has served its


The laundry box is clogged and there is nothing to wear? Constantly postponing the revision of a heap of bras for later? Below is a simple guide to action that will allow you to make a firm decision on what to give up, and what else can serve you.

So, you need to part with a bra, if ...
bras in the drawer

1. You wear it regularly for more than one and a half years.

This is an unequivocal sign that it’s time to throw it in the trash, because even the best-quality elastane does not last for so long. Fibers of a belt are stretched irrevocably, and the bra loses the supporting forces. If your bra is already a year, a year and a half or more, and you still wear it and think that it is “as good as new”, then you may have bought it too loosely from the waist up, so you do not feel the loss of support.

I remind you:The new bra should sit tight, and between it and your back you should be able to place only four fingers. Most often, this ratio is achieved,when the bra volume on the label (for example, 75C) is 10 units less than the actual girth under the breast (thus, a bra with a volume of 75 on the label will suit a young lady with 85 cm under the breast in girth. Why this is so, I wrote here).

The larger the size of your breasts, the more intensively the bra wears out, because the material needs to overcome more resistance. Therefore, for owners of large breasts, the assessment reference point is a year. Provided that you wear your bra regularly, at least 2 times a week.

2. You have changed in weight by more than 3-5 kilograms, or are pregnant / breastfeeding


Hormonal changes and weight gains affect the shape and elasticity of the breast. Women who come to me after pregnancy and feeding complain that "before the clothes were easy to pick up," but now "the chest does not fill the cup, as if it was deflated, and I can not wear anything." As well as lost or replenished women - all these are problems of the same order.

A small change in weight in the minus can help to adapt the straps or bra belt resource, provided that you were wearing the correct size before losing weight.Therefore, do not be afraid to pick up clothes in the run-up to weight loss - you want to keep your chest, and you need good support. Just pick up clothes for a more dense standard, because you plan to lose weight. Sometimes, when a client is somewhere between sizes (for example, a belt of size 75E sits moderately tight, and a belt of size 70F is perceptibly tight) I suggest to stop at a smaller size (70F) and additionally take to increase the volume for the first time. And you will lose weight, and the belt will stretch, the extender can be removed, and the bra will continue to be worn as if nothing had happened.

If your weight "went to plus", then a slight fluctuation can be covered by the extender resource. But, if you feel that the belt is stifling you, and wearing a bra is simply uncomfortable, you are painfully feeling like underwear without stones or soft material, then it's time to change the size.

But, if you have passed pregnancy / breastfeeding, then these processes affected not only the size, but also the shape of the breast, therefore, accept as a fact that you have to pick up new clothes, and send the old ones to junk.

Over the past six months, I lost 10 kilograms - I used extenders, pulled hooks more tightly, and eventually changed the size.The doctors recommended that I lose another 8 kilograms, and I am preparing to do the same with the new fleet again. But nothing can be done, unfortunately - because the wardrobe, too, had to be completely changed. But health and fitness are worth it.

3. You wear your bra buttoned at the last hook

 the bra is buttoned on the last hookAll he died

If you have finally reached this stage, as it should be, crossing the hooks more and more tightly and tightly, then know that your bra has 4-6 weeks left to live, then the elastane resource will be lost forever.

If you initially buy a bra “as necessary”, and you are able to easily fasten it on the last hook on the day of purchase and not experience discomfort, then you are doing yourself a big disservice. Bra begins to stretch after the first wash. As a result, you will be able to wear it normally (without falling strapless and bulging on the back of the belt) for only 4-6 weeks, the rest of the time it will just cover your nipples, without giving you any real support. If this is so, admit your mistake, pick up a new supporting underwear for yourself and appreciate the suddenly appeared resource of convenience.

4.Your straps are tight

straps tightened to the limit

You are trying to extract the best support and shape from the bra by pulling the straps to the maximum (I even saw that the straps regulator is moving from the back to the clavicle area (!)), Then it is time to recognize the fact that the bra has completely lost the resource of support.

In general, you probably already know that 90% of the support in a bra should come from the belt, and the straps should be used only to adjust the bra for breast growth and asymmetry. Therefore, once the straps are fully tightened, then the belt has already been taken out, or the size was originally chosen incorrectly - there is no third. It's time to get a couple of new "workhorses" for your wardrobe!

5. Bones come out of the skin, break or prick you at the side

Bones crawl out in the bra

All this - the alarm bells are a real fire siren, that the bra does not cope with the load that is placed on it. Do you wear your sconce into the tail and the mane without resting? Or wear it rarely and with displeasure, but does this devilry continue to occur anyway? The solution here is also one thing - throw out the old one and buy a new one.

Problems with the bones of the bra occur due to excessively intense friction of the surface on your body.Most often, such problems are with those who initially "because of comfort" chooses a larger volume, because "in the small is tight and stuffy." In fact, a well-chosen bra should fix the breast and not crawl over the body - and "stuffy" and "tightly" to you because the size is picked up incorrectly.

It surprises me how persistent women are in their convictions. There are such "lucky ones" who pull out bones from freshly bought underwear, because "this is a tool of torture".

There are craftsmen who change hooks and straps into the "right" place. And this instead of figuring out that if you are forced to somehow "finish" the bra under you, then you initially picked it up incorrectly either in size or shape, and the real right decision is just to learn how to choose the right clothes for yourself!

In fact, for any size and shape you can find good, comfortable underwear.

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