22-year-old daughter Evan McGregor shot for Playboy

At the age of 20 in Evan MacGregor, it was difficult to see a family man he became a few years later: the actor mostly spent time at parties with rock musicians, drinking alcohol without measure, and could easily give a head start to another bad guy - Johnny Depp. So now, when his 22-year-old daughter Clara took part in an outright shooting for Playboy, Evan can only throw up her hands: he himself had such a stormy youth that there was no room for moralizing here.

"Meet the 22-year-old resident of New York and Brooklyn resident Clara MacGregor (we will not mention that she is also the daughter of the actor Evan)," the editors of the magazine introduced a new heroine. Clara, by the way, herself takes a great interest in photography and successfully develops in this direction. "When I was very young, I had a camera with which I went everywhere. I already liked to take pictures. And when I was older, I thought that I could succeed in this matter, "the girl told in an interview.Now Clara, who is studying at New York's Tish School of Art, already has her own website with a small portfolio of black and white photographs, mostly featuring members of her family.

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