22 Ideas of the Lunar motive in the interior. + Poster

Moonlight from Taiwanese studio Acorn

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The moon in the cultural history of mankind has always been a symbol of divine charm, mystery, comfort and romance. At the end of2015, the Taiwanese design studioAcorndemonstrated its new development of a set of lighting devices simulating the emitted light, color and shape of the full moon.

Inside the device is an E27 halogen lamp with adjustable brightness from LUX1 to LUX5 and power from 28W / 110V to 42W / 110V. And the smallest version of the XXS is equipped with an LED light bulb and a battery.

It emits a warm saturated light yellow color, the body is made of fiberglass with a non-toxic latex coating, which has a texture resembling the lunar landscape.

This is certainly a great creation of fantasy and Taiwanese hands, especially for those who love space and everything connected with it.

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