113 edition. Habitat - What is silent fish

Habitat - What is silent fish

Habitat - What is silent fish.

Remember: catch sturgeon fry is prohibited. This is a very expensive fish, it is bought only for breeding, and not for food.



The following seller also surprised the expert: he sells the loach fish under the name "mountain trout". Another fish, according to the seller, is called "sole". But, in the opinion of our expert, this is an ordinary pangasius.



Remember: a real sole is worth at least 400 rubles per kilogram. This fish is flat, a bit like flounder.



When you go to the market or shop for fish, take a list of our tips with you.
- Look at the shelf life of herring. The less shelf life, the less salt.
- In the correct herring there should be no additional preservatives and ingredients - only fish and salt.
- It is possible to distinguish pink salmon from sockeye, salmon and trout by the tail. The pink salmon on the tail has such spots, other salmon have no such spots.
- It is important where the canned goods were made.As a rule, tastier than that pink salmon, which rolled into banks at the place of fish catch. It is made from fresh, not frozen fish. And secondly, pink salmon in such a bank is always more than in the one that is far from the seas and oceans.
- When choosing sprat in tomato sauce, take the one on which the composition is indicated: sprat, tomato sauce, and the one on which GOST is indicated, and not TU. Remember: if the manufacturer makes the product according to GOST, then he must put at least 70% of the fish there.
- To distinguish fake canned food from real ones, look closely at the can, or rather, at its bottom. The production date, the letter “P” and the plant code are stamped there. If you doubt the quality of canned food, enter this code in the search box on the Internet. In one of the first links you will find which plant owns this code. If the code does not match the information on the label, it means that canned food is made on illegal production.

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