11 ways to fence beds and flowerbeds, giving them a neat and original look

  • Alexander

    This is not a fence, and the crap garden, logs, boards, rods, a great breeding ground
    for ants and other evil spirits, a brick, a stone, pipes are a perversion, well, the bottles are in general lawlessness, like waking up fragments from the ground, and they will definitely be.

    • Anonymous

      What would you suggest? And if there are no thoughts, then this is - not your topic, there was no need to read at all, you are a stranger

    • Anonymous

      I agree! Complete crap! For sterile soil without weeds.

    • Anonymous

      This is not about the garden, but about the landscape of the territory ... You are not an expert in landscape design ... but landscape design is creativity ... the beauty of the site in various islands .. where is the stone, where is the fence, where is the lawn to be separated from the flower garden - this is generally brilliant - and the flower garden is clean and mow the lawn easily ... do not be so categorical and respect someone else's opinion ...

    • Larissa

      I totally agree

  • Hope

    And I liked the article! I can add another way:

  • I liked it from stone, herbs and from the vine. Thank you

  • Anonymous

    With birch logs just nonsense. At least remove the bark, before advising! Birch rotting in the bark instantly.

  • Parker

    you can navtykat pens in 2-3 rows - will look good

  • Anonymous

    I like it!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Especially horrible bottles

  • Anonymous

    Hope has a great idea on the link, thanks.

  • Anonymous

    that would not do for the good of the garden all is well

  • Shilo

    An anonymous author who is a landscape designer, such designers who believe that he is an otmaza: I am an artist, I see, he saves from criticism, we must order in these clubs so that they would not carry nonsense to the masses.

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