107 edition. Habitat - Case smells like sausage. Watch online

Habitat - Case smells like sausage

Watch online a new series of Habitat - Case smells like sausage.

- If the sausage is labeled "No Soy", it does not mean that it is made of pure meat. Look for semolina, wheat flour, starch, or fiber. These substances also replace meat.


- When buying smoked sausage, carefully read the composition. If you see the inscription "Accelerators of maturation", the abbreviation GDL, the word "glucono-delta-lactone" or the index E575, then sausage is made according to the accelerated method. The composition of the slow sausage includes lactic acid and starter cultures.


- If you want to buy sausage according to GOST, read the composition carefully. The label must not simultaneously stand signs GOST and TU.


- Remember: in smoked, half-smoked and cooked smoked sausages GOST begins with the number "16".


- If you want to buy classic varieties of sausage type "Doctor", "Grainy", "Servelat" and so on, read the name of the product, not on the front, but on the reverse side of the composition.If in quotes there is a phrase like “Doctor's Beautiful” or “Cervelat Oriental”, manufacturers can change the classic recipe beyond recognition and add soy, starch and other meat substitutes to the sausage.


These tips will help you find out what a real meat sausage smells like.

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