10 signs that your elect will be a good father

If you have already met the second half, then you probably think about marriage and creating a family. Will your chosen one be a good dad? You can figure it out by some signs.

Top 10 tagsthatman will be a good father

  1. He is reliable, responsible and responsible for his words.. If you can rely on a man literally in everything, then he will certainly be able to become a support for his heir. How to identify this quality? Try to arrange a check. For example, you can come up with some difficult problem and ask the chosen one for help. If he makes every effort to solve it, then he will surely be reliable. In addition, such a man just will not throw words to the wind. And if he promised to find a home, he would do it. Also, reliable people usually help close people and therefore have many friends, and those who are respectful. In addition, the man should not be afraid of responsibility.
  2. He loves children, is interested in them and communicates with them easily.If you have friends with children, then invite them and by chance invite the kids to play with your man. Follow this game and communication, in principle. If the chosen one is not only not irritated and remains calm, but also finds different ways to interest and entertain children, and also gets pleasure from it, then he will surely be able to find a common language with his own child. If the chosen one avoids children, communicates with them stiffly and awkwardly or does not communicate at all, and also openly declares that he does not like kids and does not want to have even in the future, then he will not only not become a good dad, but may just run away learning about your pregnancy.
  3. He knows how to control his emotions, think soberly and remain calm in all situations.Raising children is a process that requires not only temporary, physical and material costs, but also emotional ones. First, the crumb will constantly cry, then it will begin to act up on any occasion and without it, and a little later it will begin to show character and try to prove its rightness, even if it is not right.And especially difficult to have in adolescence. But if your chosen one is able to pull himself together even in stressful and unforeseen situations and in most cases does not give free rein to emotions, then he will certainly not only be able to cope with difficulties, but also understand his child and help him.
  4. A man helps you around the house. If he takes the most active part in the arrangement of life and the formation of your cozy family nest, then he will certainly be able to become a good father. Such a representative of the stronger sex can safely wash their things and stroke them, vacuuming and cleaning the floors and prepare food not only for themselves, but also for you. And he will not grumble or reproach you. All this means that after the appearance of the child, he will also share with you all the responsibilities and be a great helper. You do not have to charge everything on your fragile shoulders and fall from fatigue.
  5. He has a pet. Although a pet cannot be compared with a child, care about our smaller brothers is also connected with responsibility, because you need to walk, feed and just pay attention to them (especially when it comes to a dog).So if your chosen one has an animal that feels great, is able to calmly behave, looks great and understands commands, then most likely the man can also raise the child, because, for example, dogs are sometimes no less stubborn, capricious and are capricious than children. But you should not consider a full-fledged pet a fish, a hamster or a bug, as these animals do not require much attention and complex care. In addition, four-legged friends who were before (but died solely of old age, and not from illness or improper care) should also be taken into account.
  6. He knows how to set priorities, and this means that he will pay attention to his family, sometimes to the detriment of his interests or work.For example, a careerist will certainly be able to provide the child with everything he needs, but he is unlikely to give him the necessary amount of attention. And if the chosen one has a hobby that takes away all his free time and sometimes prevents you from seeing and communicating, then he is unlikely to leave him after the appearance of the baby. A reliable husband and a good father should be able to distinguish the most important, but at the same time have time for everything. Such a man will earn and raise a heir, and rest.
  7. He often starts talking about your future together and about your family.This means that he sees you as a potential wife and mother of your future children. And if such conversations are serious and connected not only with a luxurious wedding, honeymoon and incredibly romantic living together, but also with all the difficulties (buying a home or car, life, etc.), then the man is definitely ready to say goodbye to a bachelor life and understands , what changes await him. If he doesn’t admit even the thought of linking his life with you, then he is simply not ready to start a family, let alone give birth to children. Surely your chosen one has not walked yet.
  8. He is not afraid of change. If the changes do not frighten him, even cardinal, then surely the changes associated with the appearance of the baby, too, will not knock him out of a rut. If your chosen one is very afraid of change and reacts to them violently and hysterically or falls into a stupor, then he is unlikely to be able to quickly and painlessly get into the role of the father, since he simply will not understand what happened. But how to identify such fear, if stressful situations have not yet been? Create it artificially. For example, tell a chosen one that you urgently need to move to another city.If he immediately starts to consider options and think about how to proceed further, you can be calm. And if he starts to vomit and throw, or calmly reports that he will not go with you, then do not rush to associate your life with him.
  9. He is caring.If the representative of the stronger sex cares about his woman, family and friends, then he will certainly also apply to his child. But care should be not deceived, sincere, natural and full. For example, coffee in bed - this is not a manifestation of care, but, probably, a reason to deserve retaliatory action. But if the chosen one is worried about you, asks to dress warmer and not drink cold soda, it means that he really thinks about your health and the future.
  10. He has a younger brother or sister.Of course, this sign is applicable not to all men, but if your chosen one has a sister or brother, especially younger by 5-7 years, then he probably took an active part in raising and caring. And this means that he knows how to feed the baby, how to change the diaper, how to soothe and dress. Such duties do not frighten him for sure, and it is precisely the fear of doing something wrong that often prevents one from being a good full-fledged father.To find out if a man cared about a brother or sister, you can ask his mom or dad about this. If he eschewed a new family member and did not approach him, then this should be a reason for reflection.

Carefully look at your chosen one. If you see at least a few of the above signs, then he can become an excellent father.

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