10 of the coolest movies about robots

Robots only began to appear in the real world, but they were in the fantasy of people for a long time. That is why such characters are often found in the movies. And what movies about robots worth watching for everyone?

Top 10 best movies about robots:

  1. "Artificial intelligence"- heartfelt, touching film about human feelings and that they can be inherent not only to people. The world of the future has faced serious problems. Global warming has led to the flooding of large areas, and in the United States in this regard, it was decided to limit the birth of children. But each family was allowed to have a robot assistant. But new models can not only perform simple duties at home, but also show real human feelings. And the couple Swinton, whose son fell into a coma, program their android David to disinterested love. But when the son comes to himself, the best times for the robot are coming. And he, along with a new friend, decides to discover the secret of his origin and to know his true purpose.
  2. "Transformers"- Another interesting film. For many centuries there has been a struggle between the Decepticons and the Autobots. The price of victory is the fate of the whole universe. And planet Earth was involved in this century-long confrontation. The evil forces need a key that will give power and authority over the whole world. And this very key happened to be in the hands of an ordinary teenage boy, Sam Whitwicky. He was not ready for such a turn of events and led the simplest unremarkable life. And even more so, he could not even think that the fate of humanity would depend on him. But along with his new girlfriend, beautiful Mikaela, he finds himself on the way to the Decepticons. The Autobots decide to help earthlings and save their planet.
  3. "Terminator". The protagonist of this film, whose role was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, was also a robot. The first part was released back in 1984, and the last - quite recently. And this story is known to almost everyone. The world of the future is ruled by cars, and they are headed by the intellectual program Skynet. Survivors are terrified and on the verge of extinction. But the brave John Connor led the resistance and was determined. He can win.But Skynet sends a killer robot back in time to kill John Sarah Connor’s mother and prevent the rebel leader from being born. The terminator kills all the girls with the name Sarah and the surname Connor, and the hero’s future mother doesn’t even know what important role her unborn son will play in the history of mankind.
  4. RoboCop. The main character is not exactly a robot. Previously, Alex Murphy was an ordinary man and worked in the police. But when performing the next task, he dies. At that time, the crime rate was growing rapidly, so a large corporation decided on a risky experiment, as a result of which Murphy became a cyborg. Now he goes to the streets of Detroit and protects the tranquility of residents. But gradually the human mind begins to struggle with information technology. Alex tries to remember why and how he died, and finds out the details that will make him take revenge. And this revenge can be very cruel.
  5. "I am a robot". This film is included in the list for a reason, its plot is very unusual and dynamic. In 2035, robots became the most common phenomena. They live among people and help them.But policeman Del Spooner cannot tolerate robots and refuses to work with them, preferring traditional methods. And once he was assigned to investigate a murder, which involved an artificially created machine. But if she is guilty, it means that the law on robots has been violated, according to which they cannot harm people and, moreover, kill them. If this is true, then the world is in danger. The situation is aggravated when the engineer Alfred Lenning, who participated in the creation of the new model, is found dead. Will Affairs be able to find the culprit and stop the uprising of the machines if it began?
  6. "Bicentennial Man". In the new millennium, everything is different. Now people do not have pets, it is not fashionable and useless. Instead, they acquire robots. And such machines can not only perform simple household duties, but also communicate, form a company for owners. Richard Martin, along with his family, acquires a new generation of robots, which everyone is beginning to call Andrew. And if Richard and his wife treat Andrew as an instrument, their youngest daughter, Amanda, sees in it something more. Gradually she begins to get attached to it, and as my friend.And Andrew, who can never know all the subtleties of human thinking, begins to notice strange sensations. Who would have thought that these are the very feelings and emotions that are common to all people and distinguish them from robots.
  7. "Real Steel". In the world of the future, boxing is forbidden, since it is considered an inhuman and cruel sport. But what about former boxer Charlie Kenton? He becomes a promoter in the well-known company "Robobox", which arranges fights between huge robots. His goal is to find a real champion who will win and make a profit. And so, he finds his ideal. This robot was rejected, but Charlie sees potential in it. He also meets his eleven-year-old son Max, whom he saw only at birth and whom he must now bring up. The boy turns out to be very stubborn and purposeful and decides to help his newly made dad. And as the robot goes to the goal, Max and Charlie get to know each other better and better.
  8. "Stepford Wives". This film is also worth watching, if only because its plot is very unusual. After a nervous breakdown, the head of the TV company, Joanna Eberhart, decides, together with her husband, to move to the small and quiet town of Stepford, in order to rest from the constant rush and mad rhythm.Here life is slow and a little boring, but soon the girl notices something strange. She and her new friend Bobby understand that the local wives are overly good, almost perfect, but almost identical: friendly, caring, neat. At first it is annoying, then alarming, and then it starts to frighten. But Joanna will certainly reveal the secret of Stepford and his to the disgrace of ideal wives.
  9. “Robot Stories”- This is an amazing story about what kind of relationship in the future can develop between robots and humans. The film consists of four parts. The first tells about a child-robot, about which one married couple cares before the adoption of a real child. The hero of the second story called "Robot Repairman" is the mother, who completes the collection of robots of her deceased son and tries to contact him. In the part “Machine love” it is told about a robot working in an ordinary office with ordinary people. The story "Clay" tells how an old sculptor makes a difficult choice between ordinary life and death and immortality and the digital life of a robot.
  10. "A robot named Chappi". This good film appeared not so long ago, but has already become popular and loved by many. Scientists around the world have long been working on the creation of artificial intelligence. But can he think, feel, sympathize, feel sorry, love, in the end? Or it will become the enemy of humanity and take over the world. The talented scientist Deon managed to go the farthest and create something unusual. This is awkward, but such a cute robot named Chappi. He is naive, but seeks to learn as much as possible. This is a real iron child prodigy who learns everything incredibly fast. But some are concerned about the existence of such a unique machine and believe that in the future it may become a threat to the entire planet. And now the main goal of such people is the destruction of Chappy. Can this funny robot prove that he is not going to kill? Will he have real friends?

And what movies do you like?

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