10 cleaning tricks that will save you time

Few people are delighted with doing household chores. Most of us gladly handed over their duties to somebody. And if you still have to do everything yourself, I would like to get rid of the routine quickly. If you save at least a couple of minutes in every case of house cleaning, as a result, you can find enough time for rest and entertainment. In the end, there is so much interesting in life, except cleaning!

1. Wax paper for the refrigerator.

Wash the fridge - part of the general cleaning of the kitchen. Sometimes it takes a few hours. But you can cheat a little and cover the shelves with plain wax paper used for baking. Small drops are easy to wipe off. And serious pollution will not have to be scrubbed for hours - just changing the paper is enough. Particularly relevant advice will be for the freezer, which has to be completely disabled during normal cleaning.

2Get an organizer for small things.

Some things are constantly not a certain place, and they are scattered throughout the house. And they have to collect in all corners, and then spend more time trying to figure out where to put them ... In order to save your home from the so-called hot spots - places where various small things gather, make a convenient organizer for them. In this case, for this purpose, used a stick for slippers. Now the chargers, headphones, scissors and other small things will have their place in the house. The palette can be hung on the door of the dresser, and it will hide things from prying eyes.

3. Make the mixer clean itself.

In an ad for mixers and food processors, we are shown how easily their bowls fit into a dishwasher. But after all to clean these adaptations it is possible much easier. Fill the bowl with water to half and add dishwashing liquid. Then turn on the device and let it run at the highest speed for a few minutes. The mixer will wash itself better than you would have done it, having spent your time and energy.

4. Everything is in place.

Starting cleaning, you can constantly be distracted by the search for this or that cleaning agent. Instead, all household chemicals can be placed in one basket.And just take it with you at the beginning of the harvest. For example, while cleaning the bathroom, you may need a detergent, cleaning agent and glass cleaner. After finishing the cleaning, just return all the bottles to the basket and send it to the pantry. It is thanks to this secret that the maids in hotels quickly cope with their duties. Do you remember their big carts?

5. Washing dishes will be easier.

People can wash dishes with pleasure only in advertising of special means ... But it is possible to facilitate this process. Make a solution out of water, with dishwashing detergent or liquid soap dissolved in it and pour into a spray bottle. Do not forget to sprinkle with this tool every dirty plate that you put in the sink. When it comes time to wash the accumulated dishes, the dirt will move away from it much easier! This advice is not particularly useful to someone who is used to washing dishes at once ... But who are we kidding? Nobody does that!

6. Always fresh underwear.

It is not always possible to hang clothes immediately after washing. For example, if you are used to washing at night, or turn on the machine and go about your business. There is a little secret that will save things from an unpleasant smell.Baste on the laundry before laying some essential oil of lavender. It will give things a pleasant smell and, due to its antibacterial effect, will prevent the growth of bacteria. Since oil can leave traces on bright things, soak a separate napkin in it.

7. Fast and clean.

If you are going to clean a lot of things with a small degree of contamination, do not ignore the quick wash program! Sometimes we habitually choose the familiar "cotton" or "wool", and after all, economical programs are quite capable of giving excellent results. And you do not have to risk and wash light with colored together.

8. Let the soap wash itself all!

Cleaning the sink is not a pleasant job. You can rub for a long time with sponges and metal wool on the surface, boiling from the lack of the desired result. But there is a more gentle way for the psyche. Simply foam up the dishwashing detergent in the water and cover the sink with this mixture. Suitable and ordinary soap. You can do other things while the fat and dirt dissolve. Twenty minutes later, just rinse the sink, and most stains will be gone.

9. Keep shoes at the entrance.

Even a few steps, made around the apartment in dirty shoes, fill your home with excess dirt and dust. Get into the habit of changing to the slippers by the front door, and you will have to clean it much less often.

10. Turn to psychology.

Starting to clean, start a kitchen timer or alarm for 5 minutes. First, you will have time to do much more work if you are limited in time. Secondly, knowing that it will take only a few minutes to work, it is much easier to start an unpleasant routine. Such a trick works great with children, but it can also be very useful for adults.

Now household chores will be done quickly and with pleasure!

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