Top-7 wallpaper on the desktop that will cheer up

It is not every day that we wake up in a good mood and, when we come to work, we often cannot boast of good spirits. Weekdays replace each other, the routine bothers and boredom.

For anyone who stubbornly does not want to lose heart, there is a great way to raise your spirits every day! After all, this is enough for some trifles, for example, a cup of hot coffee and funny wallpapers on your desktop!

Here are the top 7 most positive screensavers that will cheer you up in any situation!

Number 1. Merry Minions from the good cartoon “Despicable Me” for many years now have touched the hearts of not only children, but also adults. Their carelessness creates a special atmosphere in which you also want to smile.


No. 2Seals, dumbfounded looking into your screen on the other hand - a non-standard solution, uplifting!


No. 3. A cute owl winks at you and wishes you a pleasant day!


№ 4. A fun photo reminiscent of summer, the sea and carefree holidays on a warm beach!


№ 5. Cute bright ball, smiling shyly at you, will cheer up any day!


№ 6. A little funny leopard who runs very funny - what could be nicer?


Number 7. Another unusual wallpaper: cat, which looks down on you from the blue sky!


It was the TOP 7 of the funniest desktop wallpapers! Well, did you look for something positive for yourself? Share this selection with friends so that they are always in a good mood!

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